New Pix, One Week After Bariatric Surgery

So, I just uploaded a bunch of new pix, taken one week after my recent bariatric surgery. Small changes are already visible, at least to me, but the biggest change, by far, is in how I feel: more energetic, more positive and really just better all the way around.

And it’s only been a week.

Over the past few days, I’ve been working from home to the degree that I can. My estimate of how much I’d be able to get done in these days after bariatric surgery was way too aggressive. I tire easily, but that’s to be expected the doctors say, what with the recent major surgery and the restricted post-op diet; the Stage One diet, which comprises mostly pureed, high-protein foods and liquids – protein shakes, cottage cheese, beans, yogurt, etc. – provides around 500 calories per day. I’ve got another week of that.

I’ll be back in the office on Monday, and I’m looking forward to it. Things are going well.

So, check out the new pix.

2 thoughts on “New Pix, One Week After Bariatric Surgery

  1. Your story is very interesting to read. As I am having the same surgery in a few months, it answered all of my post-op questions. But as my ex used to say about me, Connie doesn’t fart. Lol. So I guess I will have to get over that stigma quickly and learn to enjoy the ride and remember that it isn’t a REAL heart attack!
    I’m following you, bariatricboy! So keep me informed. If it’s too complicated for your post, you can email me. Anyway, congratulations on your creative and fun expressions! Love a good sense of humor!


  2. Yes, I can tell the difference in photos and see how encouraging this must be to you! I live alone and have relatives who all work and then chauffeur kids in evenings. So I don’t know if I will be able to prepare my meals or do other necessary things during that first post op week. Please address this concern that I have which will turn into stress. As it gets closer to my surgery date. Thank you.


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