#SleeveLife: Dealing With Stress After Bariatric Surgery

35689896 - portrait of a man taking food from refrigeratorTime was, if I’d had a rough day at the office, I’d come home, crack a few skonskis and eat something. Didn’t really matter what it was. Pasta. Leftover chicken. Cheese. Peanut butter. Whatever. As long as it was easily scarfed with relatively little preparation, preferably standing in in the kitchen, reading something.

Those days are over. Bariatric surgery leaves no room for stress eating. Or skonskis. The stress itself itself, however, remains.

Which means I’ve had to find some other way of dealing with it.

One of the things you hear about in Bariatric Surgery class is something called cross-addiction, or addiction transfer. What that means is, when someone who’s addicted to carbs and sugar no longer has access to those substances, the odds are good that another addiction will emerge. Booze. Drugs. Gambling. You get the picture.

So far, I’ve been able to stay away from all that. Instead, I’ve been using exercise — specifically, bicycling and walking.

For me, bicycling works the best. It tends to clear my mind. A good climb followed by the rush of a 35-mph downhill doesn’t leave much room in the head for the tedium of the daily bullshit.

Walking, on the other hand, gives me way too much time to dwell on the crap I’m trying to get away from. But sometimes it’s all there is, so I take what I can get. A half-hour walk on my lunch hour is better than nothing when you need … something.

But I’m not gonna lie. I really miss beer.


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