Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: The New Normal

bodyfat pct graficAs of today it’s been two months, exactly, since the gastric sleeve surgery. Not to put too fine a point on it, but things are different post-op, ever so much. Beyond the 63 pounds that have somehow melted off me, I mean.

Here’s what I’m talking ’bout, Willis.

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I Get Cold

Turns out, fat’s a good insulator. Sure, I got cold before, but I could tolerate a lower temperature much more easily. It had to get down to 55ºF or so before I’d bust out a hoodie. Those days are gone, it seems.

A few days ago, it dropped into the mid-60s and I had to bundle up. From what I’ve learned researching this phenomenon, I’ll get more sensitive to it as I continue to drop weight, too. That’s a burden I’m willing to bear.

The Brakes On My Bicycle Work Better

I bike. A lot. To and from work and, more often these days, a longer ride on the weekend. My stopping distance at 272 pounds is dramatically different than it was at 335 pounds. Like, half of what it was.

I can’t wait to see what it’s like in another 65 pounds or so.

There’s probably a physics nerd out there somewhere who could help me calculate what that distance will be at a given velocity and friction coefficient. If you’re that nerd and you’re reading this, drop a line. Let’s do some math.

I Care More About How I Look

I’m shaving more frequently. I’m dressing better. That was not necessarily SOP in days gone by. Now, much more so.

I’m More Confident

At home. At work. Wherever. It feels good. I try not to think about it too much.

13 thoughts on “Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: The New Normal

  1. This is just today’s blog from a guy in my LoseIt group that has been posting since he had Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2months ago. Usually he is pretty boring. No showmanship at all. But I liked today because it showed some long-term changes like self-confidence. And I laughed at the bike one.


      • OUCH! Lol. I like boring because I haven’t had my surgery yet and I’m a little scared to tell the truth! But I did LOVE your bike 🚴🏿 story and dressing better and higher self-esteem. So I guess with your new self-esteem, you took my comment well, right? Hopefully you just laughed it off!


      • I thought I was writing a comment to my daughter, not the entire universe. OOPSIE DOOSIE! Foot in mouth! Well, not so boring that I don’t follow you every week! CK


  2. I am 10 weeks out from sleeve, and I too am noticing that I care more about how I look. I work from home, so I don’t care THAT much. LOL But yeah, it’s changed a bit with 40 pounds gone.


    • Thanks for your comment! 10 weeks out and what would your advice be to someone that hasn’t had surgery yet! Probably be around the Holidays!


  3. Bariatric Boy, Just be yourself but take a risk on the sense of humor side! Like what happened to you the last time you saw a pretty girl? Or a donut? Or a college class? Are your views different about life goals than they used to be? Food for thought! Or not! CK


    • Hello, At 13 Days post op, how is your physical stronger and endurance now? Are you still on a liquid diet? How are you adjusting emotionally (and your family or friends)? I haven’t been scheduled for surgery yet. I have to wait until I get my Sleep Apnea report. All else has been completed so it will be soon!


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