Monthly Archives: November 2017

Smells Like Mid-Life Crisis …

Four months after bariatric surgery – the sleeve gastrectomy, to be exact – I’m down more than 100 pounds. Or, put another way: SW 337/CW 235/GW 190. For those of you new to the bariatric/weight loss scene, that slashline’s shorthand for Starting Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight, and it’s a snapshot of your progress that etiquette demands […]

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#SleeveLife: Sources of Protein, Ranked

The #SleeveLife is all about the protein. Gotta get it. Got, got to get it. Here, then, are sources of protein, ranked. ‘Cause this stuff’s important, that’s why.

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SleeveLife: #BariatricFail, #ParentingWin

Okay, maybe #BariatricFail is being a bit too hard on myself. Maybe not. I dunno. I tend to be pretty hard on myself. Here’s what happened.

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