Three Things You Need To Do To Lose Weight With Bariatric Surgery

48053083 - vector illustration of vertical sleeve gastrectomy vsgJust about a year ago, on July 5, 2017, I had bariatric surgery, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Last week I had my one-year follow up with the surgeon.

The surgeon was stunned when he saw me. Flipping through my chart, he said I was one of the best – if not the best – outcomes their practice had seen, ever. And they’ve done literally thousands of these procedures.

Here’s why:

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New Bariatric Surgery Pix: One Month Post-Op, 42 Pounds Down


Aug. 6, 2017. Four weeks after gastric sleeve surgery. Side view.

So, I’ve uploaded new pix to the Pix page. These shots are from Aug. 6, one month after surgery. They show a weight loss of 42 pounds.

The pace of the weight loss has slowed since then; I’m no longer losing 42 pounds a month. These days it’s more like 20-25, but I’ll take it.

After all, I’m playing the long game here.

Anyway, check out the pix. More soon.

New Pix, And A New Name For The Pix Page

So, there’s another set of pictures over on the pix page, Week Three – Two Weeks Post-Op. Check ’em out.

I’ve also renamed the page to something that I hope more fully communicates what you’ll find there: #SleeveLife: The Post-Op Journey In Pictures.

I’m still on the fence about it. I dunno, a little too on-the-nose maybe, a bit too twee. What do you think? Take the quick and easy poll below. I’ll publish the results in a few days.